Investor FAQ

Q.How long has Planar been in business?
A.The company was founded in 1983.

Q.When did Planar go public?
A.The company's initial public offering was in 1993.

Q.Does Planar have a direct stock purchase plan?
A.No. To purchase or trade shares of Planar common stock, please see a stock brokerage of your choice. Current shareholders may also work with Planar's transfer agent, listed on the Investor Relations main page.

Q.Does Planar pay a dividend?
A.No. The company has never paid and does not anticipate paying any dividends in the foreseeable future. This means profits are reinvested in ongoing company operations, benefiting shareholders through any long-term share price appreciation, rather than delivering those profits to shareholders in the short-term via payment of dividends.

Q.What is Planar's fiscal year?
A.The beginning of October through the end of September.

Q.When is your next quarterly earnings announcement?
A.Quarterly results are reported approximately two weeks after each quarter ends. Full-year results are reported approximately three weeks after the end of the fiscal year.

Q.Who are the securities analysts that follow Planar?
A.The analyst list is available here.

Q.How can I get an annual report or other printed materials sent to me?
A.You may submit a request for printed materials or further information here.

Q.How do I contact Planar investor relations?
A.Please contact our investor relations firm:
Liolios Group Investor Relations
Matt Glover and Michael Koehler
(949) 574-3860